Det Mystiske Ansiktet

Det Mystiske Ansiktet

Client: Ventura Forlag, 2016

Author: David Åleskjær

Link to novel: Det Mystiske Ansiktet

Det Mystiske Ansiktet

Tools used: Photoshop

Det Mystiske Ansiktet ("The Shrouded Face"), is a mystery/thriller novel by David Åleskjær, released in 2016. This was my first work as Nor Illustrasjon, and it led to a few more projects at Ventura Forlag

Unfortunately I haven't kept my original sketches for this one, but the first composition that I presented was the one we ended up with. The painting was done in Photoshop, and I used my wife as reference (she had a towel on her head to give me lighting reference for the hooded guys), which helped make it look more believable.