Film & Fandom

Film & Fandom

Client: Film & Fandom / Eirik Bull, 2018

Link to site: site defunct

Film & Fandom

Film & Fandom used to be a blog by Eirik Bull, with film reviews and analyses. He often wrote deeper dives into various movies, while still keeping it accessible to the "common person". To make it look more professional, and to attract a bigger audience, he asked me to do a set of character heads for the website header, and also a portrait of him. Several other characters were also planned for a later assignemnt, but the blog was closed before that.


Tools used: Photoshop

These character heads were a lot of fun to do, especially considering it appealed to my inner nerd.

I started making some thumbnail sketches(roughly 5x5cm big), and took the approved sketches into Photoshop, where I started to block in the colors. I gathered a lot of reference for this one, and I tried to interpret information from many photos for each of the characters. For example, Spock is based on a black and white picture from the series, one in color, and the lighting on the actor, Adam Driver.

This process was repeated for each of the characters, and I "disintegrated" them, as a symbolism of the analyses covered in this blog.