Fortell dem

Fortell dem

Client: Ventura Forlag, 2016

Author: Egil Reindal, Einar Lyngar

Link to book: Fortell dem - Barnas andaktsbok

Fortell dem

Tools used: Photoshop

Fortell dem ("Tell them") is a book by Egil Reindal and Einar Lyngar, full of Bible stories written for children. It was originally released in 1952, and has been a popular book ever since.

This project went pretty smoothly. The publisher wanted a more traditional cover, that was nostalgic, yet modern. First it looked too "stiff", so the father got a plaid shirt, and the son got slightly more modern clothes. The entire thing was sketched and finished in Photoshop, and colored on top of a greyscale base. It was a bit challenging to make the foliage look good, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out.