Personal works


Mixed media

Tools used: Photoshop, watercolor & pencils

"Sunset turtle"(2021) started out as a small pencil doodle (5x5cm), which I colored in Photoshop. I kind of like how it turned out, and is a style I would like to explore further.

"Dreamer"(2019 & 2021) was originally a drawing I did for my wife's project, which I later brought into Photoshop for colors and some paint.

"Where do we go now?"(2015 & 2020) is a drawing / watercolor painting I made for my grandmother. I just experimented with some blue colors in Photoshop, to make it look more like it's dark outside.

Purely digital

Tools used: Photoshop

Style exploration (2021) is a series of three illustrations where I tried to find a new style.

"The Troll King awakens"(2016) was an attempt at making a matte painting, which is a realistic painting used for films and games. This contains a lot of photo textures, masked on top of the painting.

"Something Attacked"(2016) is a concept art piece, which is as style I had wanted try for a very long time. The story and mood are the most important parts of this image.

"Boba Fett"(2021) is a personal painting I did, that ended up being used in a Filmlore article.


Tools used: Pencils & watercolors

"Daughter"(2015) is a drawing / painting of my daughter, and was made using colored pencils and watercolors.