Off to Finse

Star Wars Fandom

Client:, 2020

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Off to Finse

Tools used: Photoshop

The walker machines are meant to represent Star Wars in Norway, as the the second movie in the original trilogy, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was filmed on a glacier in Finse, Norway.

The illustration was made in Photoshop. With a 3D model as reference, I sketched the AT-AT's, and made separate layers of solid colors. I then painted on top of those using a wide variety of brushes and textures, to get that gritty Star Wars feeling.

The Fandom Menace

Tools used: Photoshop, Illustrator

In Star Wars fandom there unfortunately is a small group of people, who voice their disappointment in some of the Star Wars products with rage and disgust, often towards directors, producers, actors and other fans. This illustration is a bit on the nose, but it was fun.

Once the pencil sketch was approved, I brought it into Illustrator, and then I finished the illustration in Photoshop, where I added some texture to it all.


Tools used: Photoshop

1977 was the year Star Wars (no episodic title) was released. And its success turned the young George Lucas' life upside down. This is from across the street of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, where Lucas and his wife sat at an restaurant, surprised by the masses of people lining up to see his movie.

This one required a lot of research, from period photos, to images from the location (present time), and of Lucas as a young man. I applied the same method that I used in the first illustration of the walkers.

The Legacy of Lucas

Tools used: Photoshop

In 2012 George Lucas sold his company, Lucasfilm to Disney, which included the Star Wars franchise. As I mentioned earlier, the "fandom menace" was extremely disappointed in a lot of the movies produced by Disney. That was until they started a TV-show called "The Mandalorian", which found a middle ground between fan service and moving the story further. One of the characters from this series was so well-received, that even non-fans started to watch the show, and this helped to start healing the fandom. This illustration shows Lucas looking fondly at his legacy

I had to gather quite a lot of reference for this one, from clothing (especially his flanel shirt wardrobe), to what Lucas looked like in 2020.