Bibelen Guds Ord - Fokus

Bibelen Guds Ord - Fokus

Client: Hermon Forlag, 2021

66 illustrations

Tools used: Photoshop

This project was a bit of a challenge. 66 illustrations for each book of the Bible, in just three weeks. And that was just on top of my full-time work and full-time studies. I still somehow managed to do it on time, mostly because the illustrations had to be monochromatic. The final pages are going to have a layer of purple, and a title describing each book of the Bible in (mostly) one word. I can't include all of them here, but I selected a few of them that I wanted to show.

Somehow the short deadline made the illustrations a lot better than what I'e done in the past. Mostly because I used a wide variety of natural brushes and textures to get detail fast, while also looking more traditional than many other works I've done. All in all I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out.